I love working with intuitive and empathic clients.  If you are someone who has a lot of "Mirror Neurons" and often picks up on the emotions of others, or other things in your environment more then most, I am happy to help, as well as give you scientific explanation behind your talents.

Our culture can sometimes tell us to be strong to get through difficult times. Emotional and relational pain can manifest because of stressful circumstances in your current life or because of experiences in your past. Personal strength and faith are great assets, but there are times where seeking professional assistance is the wisest course of action. Professional, integrative, intuitive counseling that considers your mind, body and spirit can assist you in finding real freedom from issues that you may struggle with instead of making things better for a moment. Lasting life changes can result from counseling. Depending on your situation, the counseling process can move quickly or it may take a while. While it is never too late to come in, it can be especially rewarding to come to counseling as early as possible.

My areas of expertise are working with adults and couples to resolve issues with life transitions, relationships, divorce, blending families, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, PTSD and various traumas.  One of my passions is helping empaths to learn how manage this gift so they can heal their lives and relationships.  I also work with pre-marital couples and am trained to use PREPARE/ENRICH assessment. 

I am also trained in the use of biofeedback – a technique that measures the body’s physiological responses to stress and provides information that helps individuals learn how to reduce chronic stress and anxiety, increase emotional regulation and improve general well-being.

I am also trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and trained though the Hypnotherapy Training Institute.  Most people know that hypnosis can be helpful for stopping smoking and treating phobias.  However, you may be more surprised to find that it can help you to pass your driving test or become better at public speaking, increase confidence and decrease anxiety.  Hypnotherapy in my practice is integrated into the counseling if desired and appropriate.