I enjoy helping couples develop more satisfying and engaged relationships. It has been a rewarding privilege to see many couples confront and overcome their long-standing patterns of conflict and emotional isolation.

There are dozens of couple therapy models in existence and the differences in approach can be subtle or huge, but in the end, most therapists settle on a model that makes sense to them and fits with their own personal style. The research validation and peer regard for emotionally focused therapy (EFT) also added greatly to its appeal to me. But most importantly, I have seen this approach be more effective with the couples I see, couples who are seeking deep and lasting emotional connection.

In marital counseling couples can learn new tools for improved communication and managing their conflict and are likely to have a better understanding of the role that they play in their ongoing struggles. With the assistance of a professional, couples often are able to hear and understand each other in ways that they fail to when they are alone in their struggles. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, couples can find healing and enjoy a healthy, rewarding relationship with each other.

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