When we get married, most of us believe that our love will be enough to get us through the difficult times in life and especially our marriage. Many of us believe it won’t ever be very difficult to be in relationship with our spouse, because our marriage will be the exception. Most of us have moments in our marriage that leave us wondering what ever made us think that we wanted to be married, especially to our spouse. There may be external stressors such as moves, long hours at work, unemployment, a sick child, struggles with extended family or financial problems that put significant strain on a marriage. Many people think that their marriage is doomed if it is “bad” enough to go for counseling. The truth is that many couples wait too long to get help for their marriage. They wait until they drain themselves emotionally, spiritually and/or physically. Their marriage would be much better served by a decision to get marital assistance early in their struggles. So, if you find yourself having the same difficulties in your marriage and not finding resolution, then it might be very helpful to get marital counseling.

If you are concerned about your marriage, and your spouse won’t come to counseling with you, then you may find counseling as an individual to be helpful. There are many things you can work on that may bring more peace and enjoyment for you in your marriage. It is not unusual for one partner to go for counseling before their spouse is ready to participate.

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