What is the Intake Assessment?
First appointments include an assessment during which we will discuss your goals for counseling and what led to the courageous step of seeking counseling. This is also a time to get to know each other and mutually decide if it is a good fit.  Cost of the initial assessment if you do not have insurance is $195.00.  I will send you intake forms once we schedule our Intake, please print and complete the intake form bring it with you along with your insurance card (if applicable) when presenting for your appointment.

What Insurance Plans do you accept?
I am currently accepting most Wellmark, Blue Cross, and Tricare Plans. 

Do you accept Medicare?
Currently LMHC are not allowed to accept Medicare in the State of Iowa so I will not be able to accept your insurance. 

How much will my Co-pay be if I am using Insurance?
Co-pays are typically between $10 and $50 or a percentage depending on your insurance provider.

What should I ask my insurance company prior to our appointment?
I recommend asking the following:

Does my current insurance have mental health benefits and cover therapy?

What is my current deductible?

Do I have a co-payment for mental health visits?

How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?

Can you tell me more about an Individual Session?
Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length depending on your needs and insurance authorization. The cost for each 50-minute session is $160.00 or your Co-pay if using insurance.

Can you tell me more about the cost of Couples Therapy?
An assessment to gain insight and discovery of goals occurs prior to the first couple’s session. The cost of couple’s sessions after assessment are $160.00 per session.

Can you tell me more about the cost of Pre-Marital Therapy?
Typically Pre-Marital Therapy ranges from 6-12 sessions depending on your needs.  The cost of each pre-marital session is $160.

Do you offer a sliding scale?
I have a few slots set aside for a reduced fee based on income and few slots for Medicaid clients.

Do you treat children?
I am currently only accepting clients who are age 18 and above.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

There will be a charge for any appointments missed without prior notification of at least 24 hours.  Insurance does not cover a no-show fee and you will be charged $65 for the missed appointment.

Do you prescribe medication?  Do I have to get on medication?
I don’t prescribe medication but may refer you to a psychiatrist or a primary care physician if we agree that medications could be helpful.  Some people can join in therapy and resolve their symptoms without any medications while other people find significant relief when on medications.  You have the right to decide what is best for you and if this is an avenue you’d like to pursue.

What is the best way to contact you?
Due to the number of calls I receive per day, it is generally easier for me to respond via e-mail.  If you are interested in seeing me, send me an email.  Please be sure to include what appointment times you desire along with what insurance you have and your phone number.  I’ll get back to you with what my availability is.

I will not participate willingly in client litigation matters.  If I happened to be subpoenaed to appear as a witness involving a client, I will contact you immediately.  Charges associated with preparation, travel, and time I spend in court will be charged at $300 per hour.  In addition, I will not make recommendations related to child custody or provide expert testimony.