Let's talk energy!!

I do Chakra Energy Assessments to assess and support your energy and identify what is happening in your energy and potential blocks to your healing.  Currently I am offering a quick 30 minute sessions to identify what is happening in your Chakras and energy or  90 minute sessions that take a deeper look and include energy healing work and also include intuitive support.  These assessments can be done in person or over the internet on a video call.  

Please contact me for more information on pricing and packages or to schedule an appointment at Michele@Luminoushope.com

Please note Chakra Assessments and energy healing work are separate from therapy services offered at Luminous Hope.

Chakra Assessments


My chakra assessment with Michele was a wonderful experience! I thought I had a good idea already as to my areas of imbalance, but Michele provided me with new insight into areas that needed healing that I was not aware of. She took the time to break down her interpretations, provided helpful feedback, as well as intuitively confirmed areas of need as well as progress in my life. Her interpretations were thoughtful and self-affirming, and provided me with great guidance on how to heal my areas of imbalance. I will certainly be utilizing her skills in the future!

Sarah W – Des Moines, IA

One of the few people I trust with my energy.

Cynthia A – Boston, MA

Michele’s keen ability to connect and bring her insight into the areas of your life through chakra assessment, intuitive guidance and more is unparalleled. Her gentle energy brings a calming presence to the work while her powerful insight brings you the clarity necessary to heal and move forward!

Jenna D – Costa Mesa, CA

Michele's energy assessments are informative and fun! I didn't know what to expect for my first assessment, but Michele was able to provide me with helpful information, and her style and energy put me at ease. I would recommend Michele's chakra assessment services for anyone wanting to gain insight about themselves and where they are at in life.

Annie L – Des Moines, IA